How to Retrain Learners

How To Retrain Learners

We have built a convenient Retraining function into your Dashboard that will allow you to Retrain your Learners in just a few simple steps.

By using the Retraining List, you will be able to:

  • See which Learners are due for Retraining based on previous course assignments
  • Confirm their current Group and Retraining Course assignment
  • Assign their new course, archive their previous course, and send Notifications

Please make sure to check the Prerequisites section below before beginning to ensure your account is ready to use the Retraining function. 

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Go to your Dashboard Tab and go to the "Retraining List"  retraining-list.jpg 

  • Groups: 
    • Courses assigned for retraining will be determined by the Group the Learner is in.
    • Make sure all Groups are up to date. For example, if a Learner has been promoted between the 1st and 2nd rounds of training, you will need to update the Learner's Group assignment from "Employee" to "Manager"
    • Groups must have the correct course/s assigned.  
    • Make sure Group Due Dates are NOT assigned via Calendar date selection (if you need assistance, contact Kantola Support to update this setting)
  • Licenses:  You must have enough Licenses available to reassign training to the selected users.  Licenses can be reviewed and purchased via the Licenses tab of your Admin account.  
Common Questions and Errors
  • Issue: Not Enough Licenses
    • Suggestions to Resolve:
      • Review your Groups.  Please make sure the correct course/s is assigned to each group.  Only select the appropriate version for each group.
      • Purchase additional Licenses via your Licenses Tab or contact your Account Manager.
  • How can I adjust the retraining schedule?
    • Suggested retraining dates are defaulted to the specific Jurisdiction training requirements.  However, you can adjust these by using the Retraining Frequency option via the Company Settings tab > Available Courses page:availbalecourses.png
Admin Notifications

Notifications are sent to Contact Administrators based on your retraining settings.  These settings can be adjusted via the Company Settings Tab > Retraining 


Additional Information
Additional Methods to update your Account for Retraining include:


Individual Users Multiple Users (via Bulk Upload) All Users (Clean Slate)
  1. Go to your Users tab -> Find the user you wish to update
  2. Click the "Archive" (X) Button
  3. On the resulting pop up, select "Keep the user to assign more courses" (This will archive the old course activity, and leave the user in your account so you can assign them new courses)
  4. Now, back on the Users tab, once again locate the user and click the Course Assignment button (Graduation cap icon)
  5. Assign the desired course(s) -> Click Save
  6. Once the course has been reassigned, you can use the "Notify" function (Envelope icon) to resend the notification email to the Learner