How to Add Learners to Your Account

Kantola's LMS offers multiple ways to add Learners to your account:

Standard Self Registration
  • Individually: Entering individual users via your Users Tab is the primary way to add users to your account. Adding users one at a time usually takes less than 30 seconds per user. (This is a good option for adding users less than 15 at a time.)

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  • Bulk Upload: You can upload many users by uploading a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet template and directions for uploading are also found via the Users tab. (This option lets you add users in batches of up to 500 at a time.)

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Additional Information

  • For almost all situations we recommend using the Standard medthod to add users into your account.
  • Self Registration is a great tool for large organizations, where adding users can be difficult in the standard method. However, the primary downside to this is:
    • If a user is given the link, there is no guarantee they will click on that link and access the course. The system will never know, as no information was entered.
  • The Advanced method would be used to provide easy access to the Kantola Platform, however requires IT setup in your system environment