How do Reminder Emails work?

Your Kantola Training account is able to send Reminder emails to Learners who have not completed their assigned training.

These emails can be sent on-demand, and can be set to automatically send on pre-set intervals.


In order to utilize the Reminder Email feature, you first need to:

  1. Users are Active and Assigned training
  2. Users must first be Approved and sent their "Notification Email" before Reminder emails will send.  You can see if a user has been Approved/Notified via the Status Column on your Users tab.mceclip3.png
  3. Assigned course(s) must have a Due Date:  You can see due dates for individuals by using the Course Assignment button via the Users Tabmceclip1.png.  Due dates can be set individually via the same Course Assignment Page or in bulk via Groups.  Please see our Groups: Overview page for information on updating a group to include due dates.
  4. Under Company Settings > Email Settings, "Send Reminders to:" must NOT be set to "None"
Customizing Reminder Emails
  1. Go to Company Settings > Email Settings
  2. Scroll to the "Customize Email" section > Under "Email Type" select Reminder Email
  3. Edit the email and click "Save"
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Manually Sending Reminders
  1. Go to your Dashboard
  2. Click to "Send Reminders" for In Progress & Not Startedmceclip1.png

    To send to a subset of Learners:

    1. Go to your Dashboard Tab > Click "View All" next to Learners
    2. Click the "Advanced Filters" drop down menu and set your desired filters. > Click "Apply"
    3. The below list will update to your desired filter > Click the Checkbox to select all usersUsecolumntoperformactions.jpg
    4. Select "Send Reminders"DashboardBulkActions-sendreminder.jpg
    5. Reminders will ONLY be sent to users who have an incomplete course with a due date


Automated Reminders
The system can be set to send automated Reminder emails based on an assigned course's Due Date.  These frequency of the Reminders can be adjusted as follows:
  1. Go to your Company Settings Tab > Click Email Settings
  2. Scroll to the "Reminder Interval" section
  3. Update and Save 


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