How To: Re-Train Learners

Some organizations may find the need to re-train Learners for compliance reasons or other training purposes. 

  • Once a Learner has completed a course that is assigned to them, that course is considered "complete"
  • A Learner may review completed courses as many times as they like (reviewing a course does not get recorded as a new completion, and therefore is not considered "retraining")
  • If you need to reassign the same course to the Learner for re-training, you will first need to 'Archive' the old course activity
  • Then you will be able to reassign the course (Learners cannot have the same course assigned twice at the same time)
  • When the user completes this re-assigned course, they will have a new completion recorded in the system and you will see multiple completion records in your Dashboard
  • Note: If you are assigning a course the Learner has not taken before you do not need to follow the steps above, as you can just assign the new course to the user

You can archive courses for retraining to users one at a time, or using the bulk actions and upload tools. Please see below for steps on reassigning training based on your needs:

Individual Users Multiple Users (via Bulk Upload) All Users (Clean Slate)
  1. Go to your Users tab -> Find the user you wish to update
  2. Click the "Archive" (X) Button
  3. On the resulting pop up, select "Keep the user to assign more courses" (This will archive the old course activity, and leave the user in your account so you can assign them new courses)
  4. Now, back on the Users tab, once again locate the user and click the Course Assignment button (Graduation cap icon)
  5. Assign the desired course(s) -> Click Save
  6. Once the course has been reassigned, you can use the "Notify" function (Envelope icon) to resend the notification email to the Learner

Additional Information

  • Annual Training: In this method you will remove your entire user list and allow you to re-upload a new list of users for retraining.  Please follow steps above for "All Users (Clean Slate)"
  • Anniversary Date Training: This method will reassign training based on the anniversary date of a Learner's previously completed course.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Go to the Dashboard tab and click "View All" next to Learners to access your Active training assignmentsviewall.jpg