SCORM General Information & Troubleshooting

You have reached our SCORM General Information and Troubleshooting page.  Here you will find information on Ingesting SCORM files into your LMS as well as recourses incase you run into any difficulties. Please see below for Frequently Asked Questions when training using Kantola's SCORM content.

General SCORM Information:

Step 1: Uploading to your LMS

We will have sent your course(s) to you a .zip files, and these can be uploaded directly into a SCORM-compatible LMS. If you are having trouble loading the course/s into your LMS. 

Step 2: Playing the course in your LMS

Once the course has uploaded to your LMS, please test playability of each course.

Step 3: Course Testing & Tracking

We strongly recommend assigning the course to a few users before a company-wide launch. If the course fails to bookmark progress or register "Complete" status, please contact your LMS provider for specific requirements needed to update the package delivered.

SCORM Troubleshooting and FAQ:

What file types does Kantola provide?

SCORM files are delivered in SCORM 1.2 format by default. If you need a different file type that was not already communicated, please contact support to request updated .zip files in the desired format. (files types include SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, Tin/Can.)

How do I Upload a SCORM file to my LMS?
For specific directions on uploading courses to your LMS, please contact your LMS provider.  If you have difficulty loading files into your LMS, please Unzip then Rezip the SCORM file contents. Please try to upload the Rezipped file into your LMS. 
I am unable to upload SCORM file to my LMS
If you are having difficulty uploading a SCORM file to your LMS, Please contact Kantola Support with a screenshot of the noted issue using the Contact button below.
Unable to play course
Courses content is streamed from outside sources. If any of these sources are blocked or throttled, you will have difficulties playing your course/s. To resolve, please "safelist" the below Domains (please note these are not clickable links, but Domains to safelist)


Verify if the links/domains below are "Safelist" by your IT team:

  • *
  • *
  • *
Note: Course assets can be blocked by network or individual firewalls, including VPNs. Please check with your IT before making any changes to your network settings.
Course Buffering or Slow Playback
If you are experiencing long buffering times when attempting to play the course. The issues could either be due to poor network conditions or throttled network bandwidth. Please ensure that any VPN is disabled (with our IT approval) and network bandwidth is able to stream video content. Please see below for Network Bandwidth Requirements:
  • Minimum: 3 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps Upstream
  • Recommended: 5+ Mbps Downstream and 1+ Mbps Upstream
Browser Related Troubleshooting
Depending on a browser versions and installed plugins, if you are having trouble with a course, please try a different web browser.  Kantola Training courses will work on all major browsers, however we do suggest using Google Chrome. If you have trouble playing any course, please try using a different web browser.
SCORM Test Files
We always recommend testing before launching course/s to your Learners. Please contact your Account Manager or the Kantola Customer Success Teams for more information on SCORM Test files you can use prior to receiving your course files.

Update for Chrome users:

If you have received a SCORM package recently and are having trouble launching your course in Chrome, please attempt to launch the course in another browser (Edge, Firefox, etc). If you continue to have difficulty playing your course, please contact Kantola Support using the link below.errormessage.png

Additional Troubleshooting