Users are not receiving emails from Kantola

Every email setup can be different. Sometimes issues can arise that prevent emails from reaching the user.  Kantola emails come from the below Email Address & Domain

    • Kantola Training (


  • The Kantola system will proactively inform Administrators to when an email fails to reach the end user. Email Records can be reviewed via the Email History page.   More Information
  • If you set a custom "From Email ID", your email system might block emails from Kantola. Please make sure to test sending and receiving the emails, and safelist the above email domain or Submit a Request to to Kantola for more information.


There could be several reasons emails are not reaching your learners. These can include email filters and firewalls, 3rd party apps and programs, and other network settings

Suggestions to Review and Resolve:

  • Check all email folders including Spam and Junk
  • Double check the emails have been sent:
    • Go to your Users Tab and review the "Status Column" for the Notified icon. mceclip0.png
    • If the user doesn't have this icon, or if you would like to re-send the user's Notification Email,  Click the Notify Button in the Actions Columnmceclip1.png
    • Review your Email History page to see if emails are failing to reach the user.
  • Emails Blocked: It is possible that a firewall or filter is blocking emails from reaching your Learners.  Please have your IT "safelist" the above domain to allow access through any firewalls.
  • Send Me a Sample: You can use the "Send Me a Sample" feature to test sending emails to yourself
    1. Go to Company Settings > Email Settings
    2. Scroll to the "Customize Email" section
    3. Click "Send me a Sample"
    A sample email will generate to the account you are logged in under. If you don't receive the email, a firewall/filter is blocking the email. Please allow access for Kantola emails to be received.