Overview: Approving, Notifying and Re-Notifying Learners

Video Tutorial:


Step 1

Go to your Users tab > Find the User(s) you wish to Approve/Notify

Step 2

For a single user > Click on the "Approve" icon in the Actions column

Step 3

To Approve & Notify the Learner - select "OK" on the following pop up. If you wish to Approve the learner but not send them their Notification email at this time, select "Approve without Sending"

Additional Notes

Re-sending Notification Email

You can always resend a Notification email by clicking the "Notify" button in the Actions Column (envelop icon)


Users Status
Once a user has been Approved & Notified you will see these icons appear in the "status" column - indicating if a User has been approved and sent their notification email.


Bulk Actions
You can also Approve/Notify users in bulk using the "Bulk Action" function on the left side of the users tab (Check the box that reads "Use the column to preform actions to multiple users at once.")