Overview: Dashboard

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The Dashboard is where you will go to track your users' progress. You will also be able to print/download certificates of completion, training records, and access historical data. You can review data either via Courses or Learners:


To view individual Learners or filter for all training:

  1. Click "View All" next to Learners
  2. The default list will include all "Assigned" training
  3. Click the "Advanced Filters" drop down menu to filter the list if needed
  4. The search box in the upper right will allow you to search for individual learners.


To view by course title

  1. Click "View All" next to Courses or scroll down the page to see your course list.
  2. You can filter the below list by clicking the "show" drop down menu.

Additional Features

Advanced Filters
In any Dashboard Report, you can access additional features and filters when using the "Advanced Filters" drop down menu. Below includes information on each filter:


Learner Attributes Course Attributes Display Options
  • Locations: Will allow filtering per a Users set Location
  • Groups: Will allow filtering per a Users set Group
  • Score: Will display users who scored Lower then a selected number on a Quiz.  Please note, this only applies to "video based" training and does NOT apply to interactive eLearning courses.
  • Status: Will allow to search for an individuals course assignment status including:
    • Assigned Date: When a User is assigned a course (default)
    • Completed: Shows only users who have completed the course
    • Current Activity: Will display users who are actively training and progress has been recorded
    • Past Due: Will show users who have not completed the training and are past the assigned Due Date
    • Retraining Date: Will allow you to search for users who are due for retraining.  

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  • Date Range: Will limit the search to a specific start and end date
Bulk Actions
When accessing any training record, you can select the "Checkbox" to preform bulk actions, including:
  1. Marking Selected Courses as Complete. Please note that video based courses will still need to complete the assigned Quiz.
  2. Download Certificates
  3. Send Reminder Emails
  4. Send Notification Email
  5. Archive Users selected training assignment
  6. Retrain (only available when filters are set to Retraining Date)
Sending Reminder Emails
Reminder emails can be generated to either individuals or groups of learners by:
    1. Clicking Send Reminders either for an individual or using the Bulk Actions checkbox.
    2. Accessing a User List and using the "Actions" button > Send Reminders. All incomplete learners on the below list will be sent the reminder email.
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Download/Print Certificates
  1. To generate an individual certificate, click the "Download" button
  2. To generate certificates for multiple users, use the "Actions" button > Download Certificates 
  3. You can either Download "All" certificates or only the previously "Un-downloaded" Certificates.  Please note, for larger file downloads, a "Downloading" icon will appear while the download is in progress.
  4. Use the Bulk Actions checkbox and select "Download Certificate"
  5. Note: depending on how your browser is configured, certificates will either download to your computer or open in a new tab.
Download User Training Records
  1. On any report page - Click the "Actions" button
  2. Select "Download Data"
Retrieving Archived Records
By Default, the Dashboard will only show Active training records. If you need to include Archived or Expired courses in your searches, please select the boxes that read:
  • Include Archived Courses: to include course's archived from current users
  • Include Archived Learners: to include users that have been archived from the account
  • Include Expired Courses (when applicable): will include All Courses in your search, including courses that have been removed from the account
More Information
Choose Display Columns
In any Dashboard report, you can filter the data that appears for each user record. These filters can include:
  • Group
  • Activity Date
  • Course Completion
  • Retraining Basis Date
  • Course Assignment
  • Progress
  • Due Date
  • Location
  • Mark Complete/Print Certificate