Overview: Users Page

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The Users Tab is your primary actions page. You can perform actions such as adding or removing users, updating user accounts, assigning training, and more.

General Information Displayed

  • User Name including email or user ID
  • Location Assignment and Group Assignment if applicable
  • Status Column
  • Actions Column


Approving/Notifying Users
    Clicking the "Approve" icon will activate and provide the option to "Notify" the user.  To resend the Notification email, click the "Notify" button.
Assigning Groups
    You can assign or un-assign users from Group/s.  Note: users can be a part of multiple Groups. Assigning Courses: You can assign courses or modify due dates individually by clicking the "Course Assignments" button.
Assigning Courses
    You can assign or unassign courses individually, as well as modify due dates, by clicking the "Course Assignments" button
Removing Users
    You can "Archive" user course data or remove users by clicking the "Archive" button.  The system will never delete any recorded training data. 
    • If the user has NOT started their assign course(s):  The unused license(s) will automatically be added back to your available license pool for re-assignment to a different user.
    • If the user has accessed their course(s): the license has been used. The user account will then but put into an "archived" state, which can be retrieved as needed via your Users tab (Status Filter), and archived training records are available via your Dashboard. In the resulting pop-up, you may opt to archive the old course activity while keeping the user active so you can assign a new course.



The Status column will display the current status of each user. If they have been Approved & Notified, you will see the User and Notification icons with a green checkmark.

Additional Features

Adding Users

You can add new users either Individually or in Bulk

Updating User Details
You can click on any user's name to update their User Details, including resetting their password, changing the spelling of their name, updating their email address, elevating Learners to Administrators, and more.
Using Bulk Actions
All actions listed in the "Actions" column can be preformed on multiple users at once. Here are quick steps:
  1. Click the checkbox to the left of a user's name for anyone you wish to perform an "Action" on - if you wish to select all users, click the box at the top of the column that reads, "use the column to perform actions to multiple users at once"
  2. When your desired users are selected, select the action you would like to perform at the top of the list
Using Filters
You can filter your user list by clicking the "Advanced Filters" drop down menu. Options for filters include:
  • Location
  • Groups
  • User Status
  • User Role
Exporting User List

If needed, you can export the active user list by clicking the "Actions" button then selecting "Export Users".  This will export to an excel file to your device.