How To: Add Learners in Bulk


Step 1

Go to your Users TabUsersTab.jpg

Step 2

Select "Add User" > "Upload Users"UploadButton.jpg

Step 3

Download the spreadsheet template to your deviceDownloadTemplate.jpg

Step 4

Fill in and Save the template with user information:excelupload.jpg

  • Name (First/Last)
  • Email Address (if the user does not have an email available, enter a User ID and set a Password)
  • User ID (Only used if a user does not have an email address. Please note this is a unique field and it is used as a Login Identifier.  Users cannot be added with both an Email & User ID)
  • Alternate ID (optional): (Used for reporting and reconciliation with your organization's other HR systems, such as an Employee Number)
  • Group Assignment (This will determine Learner's course assignment and due date. Must correspond to existing Groups in your account.) More Information on Groups
  • Location (optional) More Information on Locations
  • Passwords: (Optional, unless the user does not have an email address. If you leave this blank, the system will generate a random password.)
    • Contain at least eight (8) alphanumeric characters, one of which must be a number
    • Contain both upper and lowercase letters
    • Contain at least one special character (e.g., $%^&*()_+|~-=\`{}[]:";'<>?,/).

Step 5

From the Upload Users page (where you downloaded the template), select the filled-out template from your device and set the "Duplicate Processing:" option to the desired function.  Please see below for details on each option:choosefiledupeprocess.jpg

  • Error (recommended): This will cause the upload to fail if errors are detected, giving you the opportunity to review, resolve, and reupload.
  • Skip: If errors are detected in the upload, the system will skip those users and upload users that it can.
  • Archive: Used for re-training purposes. Selecting this option will Archive existing Learners' current training, and reassign based on the data in the new upload file.   More Information

Step 6

Click "Check":  checkbutton.jpgDepending on your selection above, and If there are no errors with the template, the "Upload" button will become available. Click Upload to add users into your account. upload.jpg

Common Bulk Upload Errors

If you are receiving an error on uploading, you can scroll down the page to receive an "error log". This will provide information on what is causing the upload to error. Please update the spreadsheet and attempt to upload again.

User Already Exists in the Company


The User is already in the account with the given email address or UserID


Depending on what updates are needed, you can choose to either:

  1. Set the Duplicate Processing to either "Skip" or "Archive" - see notes above for descriptions of each action.
  2. Change the Email Address or User ID to create a new account for the user
Inadequate Licenses


There are more users/course assignments on the Upload than Available Licenses


You can purchase additional licenses via the Licenses Tab on your Account.

Double check your Groups to make sure the correct course/s are included. Please be sure to include ONLY the Employee or Manager versions to the Group.

Invalid Password


The Password is missing or doesn't meet the required criteria


Passwords are required only if using the User ID field.

Passwords must be at least 8 characters and contain both letters & numbers

Max User Count Exceeded


The number of Users on the Upload exceeds the number of Available Licenses


Reduce the number on the upload to match the Available Licenses

Purchase additional licenses

Library Customers, please contact your Account Manager to purchase additional seats

User Exists in another Company


The Email address or UserID is already in use in another account.


User a different Email or UserID

Invalid Group Name


Group Names on the Upload must match Groups available in the account.


Update the template to match the Groups in the account or update Groups to match the upload. You can find Groups via the Company Settings tab > Groups button.

More Information

Invalid Template


The formatting of the template was altered, which will "break" the upload process.


Re-download a new Template and fill out again. Do not update or change any fomatting of the template including adding/removing rows and columns.

Additional Information

    • If you are unable to resolve the errors or continue to have trouble with your upload, you can send us the template you are working on and we will review it. Submit a Request