Quick Guide to Launching Your Kantola Training

Step 1: Upload your Company Documents via your “Company Settings” Tab:

  • Logo (JPEG/PNG): This will replace the Kantola logo on system pages, and will be displayed on Certificates of Completion
  • Your organization’s anti-harassment Policy (PDF). *This only applies to interactive eLearning courses
  • “Ask a Question” text – *This only applies to interactive eLearning courses


Step 2: Setup Groups & Due Dates via your “Company Settings” Tab:

Adding courses and setting due dates at the Group level lets you apply this to many users at once. Most organizations have at least two Groups, one for Employees and another for Managers.


Step 3: Review your Email Settings

Please review your Email Settings in your “Company Settings” Tab. You can modify who will receive email notifications, how frequently Reminders are sent, customize the email content, and test the email notifications.


Step 4: Add your Learners

Add Learners via the “Users” tab. This can be done individually or in bulk, and directions for both can be found on the appropriate pages.


Step 5: Launch your training

You can launch your training via the “Users” tab by using the “Approve” function. This will both activate Learner account and send the initial Notification email to Learners.