Moving to the new Traliant LMS?

If you are moving your account to the new Traliant LMS, we've prepared an easy to follow guide for the transition. At the time of your renewal, you will be assigned a Customer Support Representative who will assist with your move. 

Step 1:  Download your Course Records

You can download course records via the Dashboard Tab, please see specific steps and help pages below:

  1. Go to the Dashboard Tab > Click "View All" next to Learners
  2. Check boxes under Display Options to include Archived Courses, Expired Courses & Inactive Learners
  3. Click the Actions button > select "Data Download"

This will download all course records to your device.  Please see below for additional help pages related to downloading course records:

Overview: Dashboard

Retrieving Archived Data

Step 2:  Export Users

You can export your User List via the Users tab.  Please see below for specific steps and additional help page:

  1. Go to the Users Tab 
  2. Click the "Actions" button in the upper right
  3. Select "Export Users"

Overview: Users

Step 3:  Copy User Data to Traliant upload template

You can now copy the Exported Users to the Traliant upload Template.  Please note that at your assigned Customer Service Representative will be able to assist, as not all data will match exactly.  Please see below for steps to download and populate the template:

  1. Log into your Traliant admin account
  2. Click on Users > then select Import Users button
  3. Download CSV Template and populate with User Information from Kantola Exported User list
Step 4:  Upload User List to new Traliant LMS

From here you can upload the User List to the Traliant LMS.  Please follow the directions provided to upload users to Traliant LMS.  

Additional Notes

  • HRIS Integration is available in lieu of uploading users via Traliant template.  Please see your assigned Customer Service Representative for more information.
  • If you have a customized email Templates, you can move these over to your Traliant LMS account as well using the Notification Templates.
  • After loading users into Traliant LMS, please follow directions to assign appropriate training to uploaded users.
  • Disable Retraining Notifications via Company Settings tab > Retraining.  Set to "Disable Retraining Notifications" > Save.